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M&B Global Solutions features the talents of the husband-wife team of Mike Dauplaise and Bonnie Groessl.

Mike Dauplaise is a freelance writer, author, and marketing consultant. His career spans 45 years in the newspaper, healthcare, and corporate communications fields. Mike has expertise in a variety of print and video formats, including blogs, annual reports, press releases, web text, feature articles, video scripts, and book trailer video production.

Bonnie Groessl is a holistic entrepreneur, international podcast host, best selling author and success coach.  Bonnie serves clients across the globe by offering business consulting for entrepreneurs and helping people share their message through podcasting and publishing.



Bonnie Groessl and Mike Daupliase M&B Global Solutions Green Bay Publishing

Bonnie’s first book, “5 Steps to Better Health & Happiness – Your Guide to Natural Wellness” teaches many of the tools she uses in helping clients achieve the lives they want. Bonnie is passionate about helping people achieve the health, happiness, and abundance they deserve.  

As the host of a weekly podcasts, “The Holistic Entrepreneur”, Bonnie interviews experts from across the globe. Bonnie is active in public speaking, teaching, podcasting and private consulting. 

Bonnie reaches people worldwide through her podcasts, master classes, and webinars.  She is able to share her books and guided meditation audio recordings with people all across the globe. 

For more information visit www.BonnieGroessl.com

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In researching his true crime book, “Torture at the Back Forty,” Mike left virtually no stone unturned in his quest to tell the complete story of Margaret Anderson and the events surrounding her grisly assault and murder during the Christmas holiday of 1983. In addition to spending hundreds of hours poring through police and court records, Mike interviewed approximately 40 people in an exhaustive effort to cover all sides of the story. His interview subjects included Margaret’s family and friends in her native northeastern Montana, and individuals in the law enforcement and motorcycle club communities.  

Mike is a Green Bay native and graduate of St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wis. where he enjoys running and golf when not at his computer. You can check out his golf destination books on Amazon.

For more information visit  www.MikeDauplaise.com

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