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Betty Louise was the first M&B author to gradually put together an entire paperback book by first creating shorter digital sections. “Healing with Pleasure Medicine” is the compilation of three digital books that are now available separately or as the complete piece.

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Coach Betty Louise, Wellness Coach and US Radio personality, has coached and interviewed progressive thinking experts, artists and innovators from all over the world. Author John Gray of Mars/Venus fame, Grammy Award Winning Freddie Ravel, and brain researchers Jill Bolte Taylor and Dr. Louann Brizendine have been some of her amazing guests. Her show “Living an Organic and Orgasmic Life” airs on WeEarth Global Radio Network (

She is an ecologically minded coach who works with women and mindful men to rediscover their inner beauty, sensuality, and sexuality so that they fall in love with themselves every time they look in the mirror. Her phone/skype sessions and teleseminars will open you up to the possibility of living an organic and orgasmic life with courage, confidence, and grace.

Discover your ability to experience pleasure by recruiting the untapped power within through tips from Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and radio personality Betty Louise. Follow Betty’s simple concepts to build courage, confidence and grace by understanding your inner beauty, sensuality and sexuality. Accessing the mind’s powers of self-healing and exploration is a skill that brings inner wisdom to a conscious level.

Betty’s actionable steps will help you create your own path to discovery and fulfillment while discovering the health benefits of sex and how your energy impacts and influences others. Identifying the positive forces within your body opens new ways to love yourself. Join Coach Betty as she leads you on a journey of self-discovery, releasing your inner magnificence while lowering stress and experiencing the joy of vibrational healing.

This paperback book brings together ideas from  each of the 3 kindle books below. 

Healing with Pleasure medicine Unearthing the beautiful sensual and sexual you book

Healing with pleasure medicine - pulse kindle

Healing with pleasure medicine - pause kindle

Healing with pleasure medicine ponder kindle - pulse