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Bonnie Groessl is a holistic nurse practitioner who wrote “5 Steps to Better Health and Happiness” as a resource that people could use regardless of whether or not they saw her as a patient in her private practice. Bonnie is a firm believer in the power of the mind-body connection, and sees her book as a written (and now audiobook) extension of her care philosophy.

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Bonnie Groessl, MSN, is a holistic nurse practitioner, author and success coach. She has a special interest in helping people discover their self-healing abilities and empowering them to achieve optimal health and happiness. Self-love and the gift of choice are at the base of all her teachings.

Active in public speaking, webinars and internet radio, Bonnie is recognized as an expert in helping people make changes to achieve their goals and live their dreams. Bonnie’s coaching practice focuses on helping holistic-minded individuals become successful entrepreneurs through building an online platform and becoming published authors.


Do you wake up excited to enjoy the day? We all deserve to be happy and live the lives we want. Holistic nurse practitioner Bonnie Groessl reveals a variety of simple steps you can take to achieve better health, happiness, relationships and abundance.

Stress is a challenging part of life, yet we can’t live without it. To experience life is to experience stress. Bonnie describes how stress isn’t so much what happens, but our reaction to it. Sometimes life throws us a curveball, but we have the innate ability to deal with any detour in life. We all have the power within us to open the door to a better life. You have the choice to empower yourself. No one can do that for you.

Bonnie reveals strategies and techniques that power each of the 5 steps to better health and happiness. Take what fits for you and incorporate these easy steps into your life. This book serves as a treasure chest of resources, helping you add to your toolbox so you can move past any current barriers and create the life you want.

5 Steps to Better health and happiness : your guide to natural wellness

Claim Your Joy: how thoughts and feelings create our reality

Nurse practitioner and holistic coach Bonnie Groessl delivers a fascinating journey to personal joy and self-fulfillment through the power of the subconscious mind. This easy read provides the how and why behind an array of tools that leverages the positive energy available to each of us. Easy-to-do techniques help you move toward the life and happiness you deserve. (Kindle book)

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