Chris Engstrom


Chris Engstrom is one of the most incredibly upbeat people we have ever met. Completely disabled by cerebral palsy and now on a cancer journey as of this writing, Chris remains upbeat and optimistic in the face of any challenge that comes her way. Chris is the poster child for finding a way to get things done, and that includes starting a GoFundMe campaign to cover the expenses related to the production of her delightful children’s book.

author Chris Engstrom and service dog Orik


Chris Engstrom lives independently with cerebral palsy with her faithful service dog. Chris works for the Green Bay (Wisconsin) YMCA’s 21C At-Risk After School Program in partnership with the Green Bay Area Public School District, where she assists students with their social and emotional development.



Orik likes to run, bark and play like most other dogs. But Orik also is a trained service dog who takes his job very seriously. He helps his person, Christy, accomplish many things that come up during her day. Come along with Orik and Christy as they demonstrate what teamwork is all about, even when Orik gets into mischief. Their story of loyalty, determination and forgiveness will put a smile on your face.

Original Orik and His Important Job book