Eric Goska


Eric Goska is a football statistics nerd who had been working on an exhaustive look at Green Bay Packers history when his previous publisher went out of business. That was good news for us, and we quickly worked to get Eric’s initial edition of “Strength in Numbers” edited, designed, and published prior to the start of the 2019 season.

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Eric Goska has been writing a numbers-focused column following Green Bay Packers games since 1994. A graduate of Northwestern University with a math degree, Goska has provided statistics for numerous publications and is recognized as an expert in Packers statistics.


Veteran football statistics analyst Eric Goska has taken on the Herculean task of researching and logging every available offensive play in Green Bay Packers history for an unprecedented look into the numbers behind this iconic franchise. That’s a century of runs, catches, passes, and scores that have never before been studied in this manner.

Names such as Arnie Herber, Weert Engelmann, and Don Hutson made headlines long before Aaron Rodgers, Donald Driver, and other modern-day stars graced the Green Bay gridiron. The game has changed over the decades, but football fans may be surprised how well the numbers generated by the stars of yesterday have stood the test of time.



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