Fran Gruen


People of a certain age will remember how Erma Bombeck could take a seemingly normal situation and turn it into a humorous tale. Fran Gruen’s life has been one head-shaking story after the other. Like the subtitle of her book states, you can’t make this stuff up.

Fran Gruen author

Fran Gruen is a retired medical technologist who worked in hospital, clinic and research labs for more than forty years. She lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where she enjoys gardening and being owned by her cats.




Most of us know that one person who has a knack for turning everyday life events into humorous anecdotes. Fran Gruen has been that person for family and friends for years, sharing her life journey from a slightly different perspective than “normal.”                                 

Fran’s folksy style brings you along for the ride as though you were sitting right next to her for adventures such as a cross-country train trip from hell, an uncomfortable medical procedure, or a road rally gone terribly wrong.

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