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Gail Blohowiak came to M&B with previously completed works that needed formatting to digital platforms such as Kindle. The result is two quick reads for individuals interested in leadership and teaching excellence.

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Gail A. Blohowiak has more than three decades of experience as an educator, speaker and professional coach. Gail first became aware of the factors important in creating a positive learning environment while a student, eventually bringing that knowledge to her classroom as a teacher of English and Reading for grades 7-12. 

Gail later ventured into the business world as a coach, facilitator and guide for a variety of clients. She taught graduate classes for a liberal arts college and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, focusing on the Professional Development Certificate program for educators. Her background provides her with a viewpoint of the educational system that few have experienced. 

Gail holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Communications and a Master’s degree in Environmental Arts and Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. She is a qualified and certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ practitioner and a graduate of Coaches Training Institute. She is a former T.E.C. (The Executive Committee) associate.

The insights Gail shares in her books come from her own real-world experiences, as well as those of her coaching clients.




Leadership is a trait that seems to come naturally to some, while others struggle to find the magic touch that turns team members into productive, motivated assets for their organization. The reality is there is no such thing as a singular answer to this challenge, which is why becoming an effective leader is more a journey than a destination.

Executive leadership coach Gail Blohowiak provides the fuel for your journey by sharing a collection of bite-sized tips and examples in “Demystifying Leadership: Quick Lessons.” Gail digs deep into the behavioral and subconscious motivators that define effective leadership, providing practical guidance you can put to use today in improving your leadership stars.

Demystifying Leadership

A Reflective Journey kindle book

Becoming an effective educator combines discovery, inquiry and a reflective journey. Teacher coach Gail A. Blohowiak brings her passion to making the way easier and more fulfilling by offering a collection of practical teaching tips and classroom examples that enhance skill sets for educators. In addition to shedding light on a variety of classroom dynamics, Gail also challenges readers to establish their own framework for self-improvement. “A Reflective Journey” is as much a workbook as it is a guide to understanding the undercurrents of the teacher-student relationship and becoming a better teacher.