Holly Grose


Holly Grose endured more than 250 rejection letters from potential publishers before connecting with M&B. Holly took our suggestions and constructive criticism, and reworked her manuscript into a much-improved novel that even had her in tears as the ending played out as she typed.

Holly Grose author


Holly Grose is a resident of Northeastern Wisconsin, where she loves the view but hates the cold. She treasurers her career serving older adults and people with disabilities, and cherishes her role as the mother of two amazing daughters. She is always willing to open her heart and home to rescued animals of any kind.


Heidi awakens from the powerful dimension that exists during a near-death experience transformed into a change agent. An unlikely and unsympathetic superhero, she reluctantly possesses the power to return people to a time in their past where they struggle with tremendous regret.

The change episodes take a toll on Heidi, yet she can’t resist helping people alter their actions and repair hearts. Obstinate, beautiful and born disadvantaged, Heidi drifts about living disobediently and choosing the benefactors of her gift selfishly. Although completely unlikeable, you will find yourself rooting for Heidi and her wayward life until she comes face to face with the ultimate decision.

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