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Jay Breitlow received the type of news no person should ever have to endure, much less a teenager. His father, a highly respected high school principal, was gunned down and killed in one of the first school shooting cases in the country. Jay worked with us to channel his emotions and craft his views on gun violence into a moderate take on a very divisive subject.

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Jay D. Breitlow, D.C., is a former nuclear engineer and pessimist turned optimistic entrepreneur. When not reading, writing or playing in the Colorado Rocky Mountains with his family, Jay focuses his passion on the private chiropractic practice he shares with his wife, Christina.


Discussion surrounding America’s violence problem often centers on the gun debate, an issue with no acceptable solution for half the population. Author Jay Breitlow, D.C., who lost his father in a school shooting, makes the case that addressing issues completely separate from the gun debate may provide more sustainable answers.

Dr. Breitlow takes a comprehensive look at the benefits that supportive home environments and enhanced mental healthcare can have on troubled individuals, and suggests grassroots changes you can make in your home and community to eliminate violence.

Community tragedies, such as the one that took Dale Breitlow’s life when Jay was in ninth grade, have become shockingly commonplace. Dr. Breitlow is convinced positive change is possible. His vision focuses on creating systems centered on one fundamental emotion: Love.

Love Not Guns a Case for Changing the Focus of America's Gun Debate book


“Author coaching from M&B Global Solutions was easy because Mike and Bonnie see the greatness inside you. They believe in your talent, your book, and your ability to be an author, in spite of the voice in the back of your head that says, ‘I can’t do it.’ I encourage you to pry that voice out, commit to be your most authentic expression of yourself, and put that book on paper. But you have to take that first step. I am thrilled I did!”

Jay Breitlow