Jim Turner


The late Jim Turner was a natural storyteller who just needed some help bringing his manuscripts up to a more professional level. Jim worked with the M&B team on two novels prior to his unexpected passing, and the magic of print on demand and Kindle ensure his works will live forever.

Jim Turner author


Jim Turner was a retired engineer who volunteered at the NEW Zoo several times per month. This was his first work of fiction.

Jim moved to the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area for employment and learned to love the area he came to call home.

Was it coincidence, or did a class photo doom them to horrible fates? It was supposed to be a joyful commemoration, but nobody could have predicted the horrors that awaited the thirteen children captured in their preschool photograph. One by one, each would fall victim to the worst of life’s misfortunes, haunted by the ghosts of their youth. Tragedy sparks intrigue. Intrigue breeds wonder. In the small community of Hidden Falls, some say the photograph cursed those children. Maybe it was just coincidence. Perhaps fate or luck or poor decisions, but nobody really knows. After all, the dead tell no tales … or do they?

The Photo book

Hobo Jake The Ghost of the NEW zoo

Jacob Francis White left home at a young age to pursue an adventure-filled life that included stints on a Great Lakes pirate ship, a driver for the Chicago gangs, and a worker with a traveling carnival troupe. Despite Jake’s ability to live life to its fullest, there was one aspect of life that always eluded him: love. About 1950, a minimum security prison camp northwest of Green Bay, Wisconsin, took shape that would come to be known as the Brown County Reforestation Camp and NEW Zoo. “Hobo Jake” tells the fictional story of one of the first inmates of the camp and the love-based promise that keeps his ghostly presence lingering there today.