Kevin Randall


We haven’t published many poetry books, but Kevin Randall’s “Just Three Words” caught our attention with its unique premise. The title of each poem contains just three words, and Kevin provides a backstory narrative prior to each piece to help the reader understand his inspiration.

Kevin Randall hails from Midwest farming country, growing up during popular music’s golden age when a song’s lyrics could be heard and understood. The literary bug bit during those simple years and ingrained itself into Randall’s writings. As a romantic hopeful, he firmly believes we all have a story to tell.

Kevin Randall takes readers on a journey through life’s challenges, triumphs, passions and spirituality with a collection of poems based on “Just Three Words.”

Randall offers an uncommon glimpse into the motivations of a poet by providing readers with a “What I’m Thinking” introduction to each of his heart-felt introspections. With compositions ranging from youthful memories to mature wisdom, whimsical to philosophical, Randall’s debut effort touches the full spectrum of human emotion.

Just Three Words book