Leo Yelle


Leo Yelle had a simple request of us: he wanted to ensure his story would not die when he did. Leo’s autobiographical work is the perfect example of how digital technology is ideal for manuscripts that are too short for production as a traditional printed book. Wouldn’t you know it, his little book sells all over the world, and it will never “go out of print.”

Leo Yelle author


Leo Yelle is a retired U.S. Postal Service employee and a native of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He currently lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with his wife, Leona. For many years, their home was only a few blocks’ walk from Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers.

Leo Yelle always thought heart attacks happened to “the other guy.” Even after his brother-in-law had a serious heart attack and nearly died, Leo still didn’t see himself as at risk for heart problems despite a lifestyle filled with unhealthy habits. Seven years later, Leo got a wake-up call of his own. A heart attack left him with permanent damage to 15 percent of his heart, and he was told to make drastic changes if he hoped to live another twenty years. Fast forward three decades, and Leo is an active 85-year-old who successfully enjoyed a full life after suffering a heart attack. Here is his account of how lifestyle changes gave him a second chance at life.

Life After a Heart Attack How Lifestyle changes helped me live a full life