Nick Nesvacil

Nick Nesvacil had the beginnings of a cancer survival journey book ready when he connected with us. Unfortunately, his first draft came from a master’s degree thesis, and it read like it. We worked with Nick to help him add the personal touches necessary to bring his incredible story to life, and today it serves as an effective fundraising vehicle for his Stingcancer non-profit groups.

Nick Nesvacil author

Nick Nesvacil survived brain cancer and other major health challenges while in college to become a successful teacher and football coach at high schools in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area. Despite warnings that the chances of fathering any children were slim following his intense cancer treatments, Nick and his wife, Maureen, today are parents to four “little miracles.”

Nick’s cancer journey convinced him of the value that emotional and material support is for patients and their families. He was inspired to create STINGCANCER, a rapidly expanding student-driven support group with chapters in dozens of schools.


Nick Nesvacil sat on the cusp of his future as a college football player and dean’s list student when brain cancer made its unwelcome entrance. Nick was in for the battle of his young life, made even more challenging with a stroke suffered during surgery and a bout with meningitis. 

But Nick wasn’t about to give up without a fight. Leveraging the strength of his family, friends and even members of his favorite hometown team, the Green Bay Packers, Nick pushed through his cancer journey with a renewed appreciation for life and a determination to help others on their journey. 

Nick details some of the expectations and tools cancer patients and their support teams will need, and shares the story of STINGCANCER, the student-driven support group he founded in his role as a high school teacher and coach. Nick lays out a strategy you can use to start a STINGCANCER group and make it a winning organization for your community.



I Cot Cancer but cancer didn't get me book