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You will notice the subject matters for Nicole Lawrence’s books are all over the map. They reflect Nicole’s eclectic interests as well as her journey of self-discovery that she hopes will be of inspiration to others.

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Nicole Lawrence is an eclectic soul who has followed her heart to experience careers featuring horses, visionary painting, fine art, event promotion, and exploration of many spiritual modalities.

This book is part of Nicole’s healing cycle. She hopes it inspires others to push through their own journeys of healing.

Author, artist, and photographer H. Nicole Lawrence reveals her spiritual nature in this book of poems inspired by experiences of expanded consciousness in her life’s journey. Nicole’s deep connection to Source, which is evident in all of her creative endeavors, shines through in this poetic expression.

A profound love of nature and beauty lies at the heart of all of Nicole’s works in both written and visual forms. Her wish is for these poems to resonate with those seeking pathways to the heart through peace and love, paving the way for inspiration and hope.

A Song on the Road Home by Nicole Lawrence


Artist Nicole Lawrence uses her expertise in painting and beaded jewelry making to identify effective techniques for making beautiful kukui leis – the Hawaiian word for a garland or necklace. This easy-to-follow guide includes instruction and tips for hobbyists and artists of any ability level to wood-burn, dye, and paint kukui nuts, while gaining an appreciation for Hawaiian culture and the history of kukui trees and their nuts.

Kukui The Art of Designing Nure Leis

World in a Shoe My journey with horses

Nicole Lawrence likes to say she was born loving horses. As a young girl, she dreamed of having her own horse, learning to ride, and even working with them as a profession. She went on to realize that dream, and in doing so encountered exceptional people who had a significant impact on her life. To Nicole, horses were individuals who truly touched her Soul. She came to know them as teachers as well as unpredictable forces of nature.

She experienced many rewarding and joyful moments juxtaposed with the reality and occasional sorrow of the horse world. “World in a Shoe” takes you on an intimate journey with horses and the people around them who touched Nicole’s life, giving her a greater understanding of human nature and herself.

For better or worse, childhood experiences affect how individuals view themselves and their place in the world for the rest of their lives. Nicole Lawrence understands this as well as anyone, having survived a challenging childhood in a broken home and a dysfunctional relationship with her mother to find her own path through life.

In “Doors to Transformation,” Nicole helps readers who may be struggling with their own childhood experiences by sharing her story of forgiveness and describing the tools that contributed to her healing journey. The transformational process includes coming to peace with the past as well as actively working toward releasing emotions so you can become the person you want to be.

Doors to Transformation - My Mother - My Self