Paul Mason


Paul Mason’s family has a long history with the Great Lakes. His personal interest in the fleet of ships that once tended to lighthouses on the Great Lakes is a good example of how research on a niche subject can find a home in today’s print-on-demand book world.

Paul Mason author

Paul J. Mason developed a love and awe of the Great Lakes while growing up in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Paul’s natural draw to the history of the Lakes grew with his special interest in the U.S. Lighthouse Service, U.S. Lighthouse Tender Service and the U.S. Coast Guard. His grandfather, Richard H. Burdeno, was chief engineer on the USLHT Clover.

Paul joined the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and currently serves as a volunteer crew member on a Coast Guard 25-foot patrol boat at U.S. Coast Guard (AUXOP) Station Green Bay (Wisconsin).

The ships and crews of the U.S. Lighthouse Tender Service were the unsung heroes of Great Lakes transportation for more than a century. Yet despite the critical role they played in maritime operations, little information is available about these hard-working men and the ships they called home.

Author Paul J. Mason provides an illustrated history of lighthouse tenders that served on “The Lakes,” complete with rare photos and fascinating back stories. Great Lakes history buffs will enjoy learning about these forgotten ships and crews, and their place in maritime’s golden age.

Great Lakes Lighthouse TEnders: a History of the Boats and Crews That Served in the U.S. Lighthouse Service on the Great Lakes book