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UK-based Robert Russell connected with us for help bringing his goal-setting book into the digital realm. Robert is an example of how some authors have specific needs from a publisher, and M&B was able to fulfill that request while improving the product along the way.

Robert Russell author

Robert Russell is owner of MINDSET SYNERGY, a leading personal development consultant and motivational trainer with an in-house practice at the internationally renowned Hale Clinic, London – the largest multi-disciplined complementary healthcare and lifestyle center in Europe.

Robert is also Managing Director and CEO of tutoring and mentoring company TRAINING ALLIANCE GROUP who provide student training; performance coaching for individuals and businesses, as well as sport psychology programs.

He specializes in helping people resolve personal concerns and building inner drive and motivation to achieve goals. Typically this can cover anything from personal ambitions, sporting achievements, business performance and exam success through to stopping smoking and weight control. It can also be the desire to overcome an emotional issue, habit, obsession, phobia or trauma.

Robert regularly features on television and in the press. His clients include many high profile public and sporting celebrities.

There is goal-setting, and then there is stretch goal-setting. The difference is life-changing for those who wish to pursue it. Personal development consultant and motivational trainer Robert Russell combines the self-achievement disciplines of goal-setting and positive mindset into an easy-to-follow guide to personal fulfillment in his book, “If You Think You Can…YOU CAN! – How to Achieve Absolutely Any Goal.”

Robert provides exercises, templates and models designed to help you increase effectiveness and smash through barriers that are keeping you from attaining goals and living the life of your dreams. “If You Think You Can… YOU CAN! – How to Achieve Absolutely Any Goal” offers motivational training for those committed to the consistent effort and focus necessary to generate massive results.

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