Ron Dauplaise


Ron Dauplaise is a career educator with a special interest in gifted and talented students. These types of students sometimes exist outside the “normal” range on the behavior spectrum, and that was the case with the student highlighted in Ron’s book. Educators will be able to relate to the challenges exceptional students can pose, especially when coupled with administration that would rather not deal with them.

Ron Dauplaise author

Ron Dauplaise is a retired educator and public school administrator who lives just outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin. He and his wife, Ellen, enjoy living on the east shore of the bay of Green Bay, where they can take in the sunsets and appreciate the beauty of nature. Ron and Ellen have four children and five grandchildren.

The Dauplaise family has been Green Bay Packers season ticket holders since 1965, and prior to retirement, Ron was one of the leading historians of the Lambeau Field tour guide staff.

“Albert” was on his way to becoming part of a dubious educational system statistic. An obviously smart kid who seldom bothered to attended class, he had fallen through the cracks and was not going to earn a high school diploma. But was Albert failing education or was education failing Albert?

Author Ron Dauplaise uses real-life experiences from his career as an educator and public school administrator to illustrate the challenges parents, teachers and school districts have in accounting for students like Albert – students on the high end of the bell curve in the realm of the exceptionally gifted. Dauplaise guides readers through the telltale signs of identifying gifted students and offers suggestions to release the often-underutilized intellectual power these special individuals possess.

Readers will gain insight into the mechanisms of education bureaucracy that often present barriers to addressing the needs of the exceptionally gifted and learn how they can take control of the situation for the benefit of the child. The good news is gifted education is evolving into a specialty of its own and school districts increasingly are making accommodations for this segment of the population – if you’re fortunate.

Amazing Gifts: The Story of an Exceptionally Gifted Student and a Review of Educational Acceleration book