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David Siegel was well into a three-year journey putting together a book updating the history of the Green Bay Fire Department when he connected with us. What started out as a little side project had mushroomed into a massive research endeavor, and David realized he needed help getting this incredible undertaking to the finish line. The result is a beautiful book that Green Bay’s local historian claims “will be referenced forever.” 


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David Siegel is a firefighter and paramedic with the Green Bay Metro Fire Department.

Green Bay Fire Department history Facebook page

This Facebook page includes updates on historical research, “This Day in History” entries, and various historical tidbits all related to the Green Bay Fire Department.

Author David Siegel offers a variety of presentations on the history of the Green Bay Fire Department. These range from 10 minutes to two hours, and are suitable for social groups, employee events or client entertainment. Contact David at david.siegel@new.rr.com

Nothing happens in a vacuum, including the evolution of fire departments and other city services whose stories largely have been lost to history. David Siegel’s exhaustive investigation into the Forces of Change that occurred during the early development of Green Bay, Wisconsin, illustrates how major events played a role in shaping the frontier community’s future.

Siegel’s research, drawn from historical records including Common Council minutes, newspaper accounts, legal proceedings, maps and classic photographs, demonstrates how events pushed and pulled Green Bay’s founding fathers into action. These forces set the stage for the modern-day Green Bay Metro Fire Department and its supporting infrastructure, as well as other aspects of life that are still in play today.

Forces of Change: Events that led to the Development of the Green Bay Fire Department

David’s Upcoming Events


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Origins of the Green Bay Fire Department

Green Bay firefighter and historian David Siegel will describe the very early origins of the Green Bay Fire Department, taken from his book Forces Of Change. The Borough of Green Bay (created in 1838) did not initially provide for organized fire protection. Devastating fires from 1841 to 1856 prompted community efforts to create a fire department—which proved to be surprisingly difficult.

Weather permitting, Siegel will also provide a 30-minute guided walking-tour through the nearby, relevant areas of downtown.



“It is absolutely because of Mike and Bonnie at M&B Global Solutions that I was able to complete my book on the early history of the Green Bay Fire Department. I brought a great deal of passion, enthusiasm and information on the fire department, but I lacked the ability and experience to put it together into a book. Mike and Bonnie provided the experience to transform my information, my vision into a wonderful book that I’m entirely proud of.”

David Siegel

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