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As writers ourselves, we know how much pride you take in the selection of every word that appears in your manuscript. But the fact is we’re too close to our own work to enable us to see it with an objective eye. Even the best authors in the world have editors for just that reason. 

Since we are not a vanity press, the books we publish must meet our standards when it comes to editing. This does not mean you don’t have any say in the matter. On the contrary, the collaborative process we follow brings teamwork into the equation at every step. 

We see the editing process as having two levels: developmental and final line editing. The developmental stage covers high-level topics such as strategy, storylines, and characters. There can be vast differences in developmental editing between non-fiction and fiction books. Final line editing focuses on details such as sentence structure, style elements, punctuation, and word choice, to name a few. 

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