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These writers achieved their goal of becoming published authors through collaboration with M&B Publishing Services, the publishing arm of M&B Global Solutions, Inc. Click on the names in this list to read about their author journeys and a synopsis of their books. On each author page, you will be able to click on the book cover images to get to their respective Amazon listings.

Rick Annen

Wilderness Canoeing: A Guide to the Boundary Waters of Minnesota


Gail Blohowiak

A Reflective Journey: Connecting Your Head, Heart, Spirit and Body in Your Teaching

Demystifying Leadership: Quick Lessons – Fifty-four short lessons to improve and challenge your leadership development


Ruth Boettcher

Nurses’ Caps and Angels’ Wings: A Glimpse of Student Life in the 1960s


Jay Breitlow

Love, Not Guns: A Case For Changing the Focus of America’s Gun Debate


John Close

Barnyard to Birckyard: The Rich Bickle Story


Steve Daniels

Harry: A Study of Teenage Mass Murderers

Gazing into the Abyss: Serial Killer William Zamastil, the Victims, and Other Killers


Ron Dauplaise

Amazing Gifts: The Story of an Exceptionally Gifted Student and a Review of Educational Acceleration


Mike Dauplaise

Torture at the Back Forty: The Gang Rape and Slaying of Margaret Anderson

Golf in Eastern Wisconsin: A Destination Golf Course Guide

Golf Kauai: A Detailed Guide to Golf Courses on Hawaii’s Garden Isle

Kauai Travel Tips: How to Enjoy Your Visit to Hawaii’s Garden Island


Ron Di Orio

What Really Happened at Cormier Station: The Memoirs of a Haunted Building


Alex Dominick

Flying the Hump: The War Diary of Peter H. Dominick


Chris Engstrom

Original Orik and His Important Job


Peter and Tracy Flucke

Coast to Coast on a Tandem: Our Adventure Crossing the USA on a Bicycle Built for Two

Bicycling Historic Route 66: Our Adventure Crossing the USA on a Bicycle Built for Two

Lucas Gant

The Saga of Fidonhaal: Daughters of the East


Eric Goska

Strength in Numbers: Quarter by Quarter with the Green Bay Packers


Bonnie Groessl 

5 Steps to Better Health and Happiness: Your Guide to Natural Wellness

Claim Your Joy – How Thoughts and Feelings Create Our Reality


Holly Grose 

The Change Agent


Fran Gruen

Just Left of Center: These Are True Stories, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up


Michelle Hatch 

The Appleby Family’s Operation Cooperation: A Pandemic Parody


Nicole Lawrence

Kukui: The Art of Designed Nut Leis

Doors to Transformation: My Mother- My Self

World in a Shoe: My Journey With Horses

A Song on the Road Home – A Collection of Spiritual Poems


Taylor J Loock

Why Elephants Are Afraid of Mice


Betty Louise

Healing with Pleasure Medicine: Unearthing the Beautiful, Sensual and Sexual You

Healing With Pleasure Medicine: Pause

Healing With Pleasure Medicine: PONDER

Healing With Pleasure Medicine: PULSE


Rolf Lulloff MD

Living and Loving with Parkinson’s Disease

Paul Mason

Great Lakes Lighthouse Tenders: A History of the Boats and Crews That Served in the U.S. Lighthouse Service on the Great Lakes

Amy Matz Bolle, Tony Pichler, Val Lambert 

There is No Place Like Home: Billy Ball Meets a Friend


Aaron A. Mitchell

Phoenix Rising: A Playbook for Building a Mid-Major College Basketball Program

Nick Nesvacil

I Got Cancer, But Cancer Didn’t Get Me: The Story of My Cancer Journey and the Birth of STINGCANCER


Gail Okray

Beyond Gluten Free: Decadent Desserts for Gluten Free Living


Linda Pope

Only If: Change Your Life, Live Your Dream


Kevin Randall

Just Three Words


Mark Roberts

The Clio Project: A Military Time Travel Story


Robert Russell 

If You Think You Can. YOU CAN! – How to Achieve Absolutely Any Goal


David Siegel

Forces of Change: Events That Led to the Development of the Green Bay Fire Department


Kevin J. Smith 

Discovering Kindness: A Collection of Modern-Day Fables


Jim Turner

The Photo

Hobo Jake: The Ghost of the NEW Zoo


Joe Verdegan

Wisconsin International RaceWay: Where the Big Ones Run!

Life in the Past Lane: A History of Stock Care Racing in Northeast Wisconsin from 1950-1980

Life in the Past Lane: The Next Generation


Tony Walter

Baptism by Football: The Year Green Bay and the Packers Forged Their Futures

The Packers, My Dad, and Me- A Family Legacy That Fed a National Obsession

Ice Bowl – The Game That Will Never Die


Leo Yelle 

Life After a Heart Attack – How Lifestyle Changes Helped Me Live a Full Life


Deborah Young

Hanging On – a Painful Pilgrimage: One Woman’s Journey Through Grief