Pricing versatility to fit your project’s needs


We hesitate to include a discussion of pricing here because it can vary so much from project to project. However, we understand it’s important to at least have a ballpark idea of how much your investment might be to work with us, so here goes.

Keep in mind that nothing is written in stone until a signed agreement is in place, and your project may require more or less of an investment than is listed below. We’ll break this down into categories based on the most common variables:

Coaching and Strategic Planning

Some authors come to us with an idea for a book, but have yet to put anything together. They know they would benefit from any combination of strategic planning, coaching, or cheerleading to get them to the finish line.

Our premium package of $5,000 to $10,000 (depending on level of support) includes all the coaching you need, plus the design, publishing, and marketing services required for a completed book. Do you have a draft of your manuscript complete and not need coaching? Then you may qualify for a discount on that premium package investment.


We learned the hard way that it’s not fair to us or our authors to charge the same for editing in every case. Since manuscripts can range in length from children’s books up to 200,000-word novels, we decided the best way to handle this is to quantify this service by word count.

Our base editing charge is 5 cents ($0.05) per word to account for the tremendous amount of time and expertise required. For example, if your manuscript is 75,000 words, your editing fee would be $3,750.

Please understand we only publish books that meet our editing standards, and some level of editing fee is almost always appropriate. Your next door neighbor who was an English major may have provided you with preliminary editing assistance, but chances are there still is work to be done.

Photos and charts

Like editing, we learned that books heavy on graphic elements such as photos and charts can present a variety of challenges and deserve special fee consideration. They take much longer to design than, say, a text-only novel.

We offer the first 10 photos or other graphic element (charts, highlighted quotes, text shapes, etc.) free of charge, and beyond that they incur a $10 charge per element.

The bottom line is every project is different, and we highly recommend you contact us for a no-obligation discussion about your project.

Contact us for a no-obligation discussion about your project.

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