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Steve Daniels is a retired parole agent who remains active in the study of criminal behavior. His first book, “Harry,” holds a special interest for him in that Steve’s father was the lead investigator on the case. Coincidentally, the perpetrator of that crime was a high school student whose principal was the grandfather of M&B’s lead editor. Green Bay, Wisconsin, can be a small town sometimes.

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Steve Daniels retired after twenty-six years in the criminal justice system, the last twelve as a high-risk parole agent working with extremely violent and dangerous offenders. During that career, Steve and a colleague interviewed and researched nearly 200 murderers in an effort to develop a working profile for criminal justice professionals. He is a charter member and has served multiple terms on the board of directors of the Cold Case Review Team for the Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators, assisting agencies with old, unsolved homicides.

Law enforcement professionals and criminologists long have been challenged to arrive at a consensus over the most accurate ways to classify serial killers. With predators as diverse as the lesser-known William Zamastil to slick con artists such as Ted Bundy, one description certainly does not fit all when it comes to grouping the depraved minds that comprise America’s most prolific murderers.

 Veteran criminal profiler Steve Daniels takes a detailed look into the behavioral intricacies that separate contract killers from sexual deviants, highly organized planners from low-functioning opportunists. Daniels advances the notion that current classification models fall short of the reality faced by law enforcement and prosecutors, offering an additional profiling tool in the battle against violent crime.

Gazing into the Abyss book

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Long before the era of young people committing mass murder became a too-common event, sixteen-year-old Harry Hebard shocked the small city of Green Bay, Wisconsin, by killing all five members of his family in 1963.

What set off this otherwise-regular boy, driving him to commit one of the worst crimes in Wisconsin history? Homicide expert and veteran criminal profiler Steve Daniels takes a look inside the psyche of Harry and how his profile compares to other notorious mass murderers.



“As a new author with no idea about how the ropes of getting published worked, Mike and Bonnie at M&B Global Solutions came to the rescue. Taking the bull by the horns, they laid out a plan to include editing, cover art, book layout, leading to the final product, a published book. I couldn’t have done it without them, and we have since collaborated on a second book as well.”

Steve Daniels